• Water Awareness Initiative

    We live in an area surrounded by water, rapidly moving and sometimes ice cold. Many of our local youth are unaware of the dangers of recreating in our local waters.

    It is our mission to create awareness through education, outreach and awareness to inspire safe water experiences.


    Our loaner Life Jackets program is under review for local lakes, however life jackets are available to borrow for the day at the following locations:

    Auburn State Recreation Area (North Fork American River)

    Coloma State Park (South Fork American River)


    End Drowning Now Pamphlet on Water Safety

    Swift Water Safety YouTube

    Learn CPR, it saves lives


    Your kids will be introduced to this program through various community outreach programs including our bi-annual school assemblies, which include a demonstration by El Dorado Search and Rescue and California Expeditions, and include pool safety, dry drowning topics as well as what to do in accidental cold water immersion, and general overview of local rivers and lakes.

  • Cold Water Immersion

    In the Sierra Nevada's, the majority of our lakes are created from freezing cold snow melt. It's important to know what to do if you find yourself overboard.

    Cold Water Survival

    1-10-1 Simple way to remember what happens in the event of cold water immersion.